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The Shackouls Honors College at ֱ is committed to excellence in all aspects of education. Formerly the University Honors Program at ֱ, the Shackouls Honors College offers students an exceptional foundation upon which to build a successful future.

ֱ’s Shackouls Honors College takes inspiration from the world-renowned Cambridge and Oxford Universities: as a residential college, students can expect high-quality accommodation, outstanding educational resources, cutting-edge facilities and dedicated support from a passionate faculty.

The Shackouls Honors College at ֱ offers an unparalleled Cursus Honorum (“Path of Honors”). Seminars consist of no more than 15 students and lectures remain similarly small, with a maximum of 25 attendees. This promotes a tighter focus and an intimate atmosphere, facilitating more inclusive group discussions when appropriate.

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Shackouls Honors College

  • 210C Griffis Hall
  • Mailstop: 9737

Mississippi State, MS 39762