Fostering Lifelong Support

On June 17, 1885, members of the first three graduating classes of Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College met in the Philotechnic Literary Society Hall at the College to discuss ways and means of "perpetuating the memories of college life that would bind the classes of different years and at the same time strengthen the good influence the College might exert through her graduates." After several informal discussions, a motion was made to establish an Alumni Association. Without a dissenting vote this motion was carried and by acclamation a committee was appointed to "retire and frame a report on offices and officers." Another motion was made to establish a committee to draft a constitution and by-laws, which were adopted a year later.

Since its beginning, the university and the ֱ Alumni Association have seen many changes. However, what remains the same is the spirit and loyalty of our graduates and friends. Now known as ֱ, there are nearly 150,000 living alumni who share the same love and devotion as the inaugural group of graduates who established our association. With 101 active chapters and clubs around our state, nation and world, our ֱ alumni stand strong and are truly "maroon and white forever."