Educating Students in Core Business Disciplines

Have a passion for business? Want to achieve your goals, improve lives and inspire others in the world of work?

Join us at the College of Business at ֱ: we’ll prepare you for a fulfilling business career, whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student.

From traditional programs in accounting, finance, economics, marketing and management, to more specialized programs in business information systems, insurance and international business, ֱ’s College of Business has an undergraduate program to meet your needs.

We leverage the latest systems and strategies to empower you with the skills to succeed in any future you choose. At the College of Business at ֱ, you’ll receive passionate support and encouragement to achieve your best in your chosen discipline.

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College of Business

  • 114 McCool Hall
  • 40 Old Main
  • P.O. Box 5288
  • Campus Mail Stop: 9588

Mississippi State, MS 39762