Developing the Educators of Tomorrow

Want to educate, inspire and empower future generations? 

A great teacher transforms your way of thinking and looking at the world. A great teacher stays with you for life. At the College of Education at ֱ, we prepare you for your own rewarding, successful career in the world of education.  

We don't just create tomorrow's teachers. We also develop the counselors, administrators and other professionals that are critical to running an efficient educational institution. That's why the College of Education's portfolio of programs caters to students with diverse life goals, all taught by passionate faculty members.

At the College of Education at ֱ, you’ll benefit from the very latest learning methods, technology and resources. We empower you with the knowledge to forge your future in any role you choose. 

The ֱ College of Education is made up of six comprehensive programs covering counseling, music and more. The College of Education’s roots extend back to 1903 when it began as the Department of Industrial Education before acquiring its current title in 1963.  

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